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About this Blog

This blog is intended as a venue for expressing my thoughts on:
  • Research I've read.
  • Observations I've made.
  • Personal/non-work experiments I'm doing.
  • Topics I find interesting to think about.
  • Topics I find important to think about.
  • Plants (or animals) I find interesting.

The blog also provides an outlet for my desire to use some of the photos I take. Sometimes I'll use photos from other sites (with source attribution) or construct figures in part from other sources to illustrate something I'm discussing.

I plan to post about once a week. Nobody is paying me to write this, so it will vary depending on what I'm doing and thinking about at the time.

I'd rather avoid politically charged issues, but sometimes that won't be possible. People get very charged up about some issues in biology, as the topics sometimes intersect with religious perspectives or medical care, while completely ignoring other issues.

The blog should be an honest representation of the subjects I think about. I am a biologist, so most of the topics will relate, at least peripherally, to biology. I have other interests and they will appear from time to time. I expect that I will occasionally write about personal issues or experiences.

I don't plan to have any guest writers, but it will be made obvious if I ever do.

If you have a question about biology (or about me), feel free to ask in a comment. Your question might inspire an interesting conversation and/or a later posting.